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20V 3.25A lenovo ADP-65KH B 36001646 57Y6400 Laptop AC Adapter

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20V 3.25A lenovo ADP-65KH B 36001646 57Y6400 Laptop AC Adapter

20V 3.25A lenovo ADP-65KH B 36001646 57Y6400 Laptop AC Adapter

Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz~1.5A
Output:65w 20v 3.25A
low energy consumption
Power LED monitor
Power cable cord included

send the correct power cord fit your country.(USA,UK,EU,AU)

Battery Condition :Brand New, 100% Original AC ADAPTER

Warranty 12 months

Replace Part Number:

ADP-65KH B 36001646 57Y6400 PA-1650-56LC 36001651 36001652 CPA-A065 36001792

Fit for laptop Model:

Lenovo Essential Series

Lenovo B460 (14" HD) Series B460 0875

Lenovo B470 (14" HD)Series
Lenovo B470 4315, B470 4315-23U, B470 4315-24U, B470 4315-25U,B470 4315-26Ubr>
Lenovo B560 (15.6" HD)Series B560 4430, 4330-2AU , 4330-2BU

Lenovo B570 (15.6" HD)Series
Lenovo B570 1068 1068-A2U 1068-A3U 1068-ARU 1068-ASU 1068-B3U

Lenovo B575 (15.6" HD)Series B575 1450

Lenovo G470 (14" HD)Series
Lenovo G470 4328 4328-24U 4328-25U 4328-26U 4328-27U 4328-2UU 4328-2VU 4328-2WU 4328-35U 4328-34U 4328-39U 4328-3DU 4328-3CU 4328-3BU 4328-3UU 4328-3YU 4328-3VU 4328-3RU 4328-3ZU

Lenovo G475 (14.0" HD)Series G475 4360

Lenovo G480 Series
Lenovo G480 2814 2184-3PU 2184-3NU 2184-27U 2184-22U 2688-2LU 2688-2NU 2688-2AU

Lenovo G530 (15.4 Integrated)Series
Lenovo G530 4446 4446-23U 4446-24U 4446-25U 444635U 4446-36U

Lenovo G550e (15.6" HD) Series G550e 1050

Lenovo G560 (15.6" HD) Series
Lenovo G560 0679-3JU 0679-98U 0679-99U 0679-AJU 0679-ALU 0679-AKU 0679-23U 0679-2AU

Lenovo G560A (15.6, Discrete) Series G560A 0679

Lenovo G560e (15.6" HD) Series G560e 1050-42U

Lenovo G560G (15.6, Integrated) Series G560G 0679

Lenovo G565 (15.6) Series G565 4385
Lenovo G570 (15.6" HD) G570 4334-46U 4334-5NU 4334-5TU 4334-62U 4334-4JU 4334-4QU 4334-7RU 4334-7UU 4334-7PU 4334-7QU 4334-8PU 4334-9HU 4334-9EU 4334-9LU 4334-9KU 4334-DBU 4334-DDU 4334-ECU 4334-EAU 4334-EEU 4334-2HU 4334-2JU 4334-2KU 4334-4AU 4334-5JU 4334-5HU 4334-5ZU 4334-5YU 4334-7XU 4334-A2U 4334-A8U 4334-B7U 4334-B8U 4334-CYU 4334-A5U 4334-D4U 4334-CZU 4334-AUU 4334-D3U 4334-B6U 4334-B9U 4334-B2U

Lenovo G575 (15.6" HD)Series
Lenovo G575 4383 4383-48U 4383-3CU 4383-3YU 4383-4HU 4383-4WU 4383-5GU 4383-3NU 4383-3PU 4383-4NU 4383-4PU

Lenovo G580 Series
Lenovo G580 2819 2189-8CU 2189-8AU 2189-88U 2189-82U 2689-38U 2689-3DU

Lenovo G780 (17.3" HD) Series
Lenovo G780 2182 2182-3FU 2182-3DU 2182-4MU 2182-4GU 2182-4JU

Lenovo V360 (13.3" HD) Series
Lenovo V360 0911 0911-AEY 0911-B3S 0911-B4S 0911-B7F 0911-B7S 0911BCS

Lenovo V460 (14" HD)Series
Lenovo V460 0866, V460 0886 0886-27U 0886-2PU 0886-26U 0886-2MU 0886-2NU

Lenovo V550 (15.4" HD) Series
Lenovo V560 (15.6" HD)
V560 4342 4342XF2

Lenovo C100 All-In-One Series
Lenovo C100 7869 7869-1AU 7869-1EU 7869-1CU

Lenovo C200 All-In-One Series
Lenovo C200 (4025)4025-1BU 4025-1CU 4025-3GU 4025-3LU 4025-3HU 4025-3JU 4025-3KU

Lenovo C205 All-In-One Series
Lenovo C205 (7729) 7729-1LU 7729-1KU

Lenovo C225 All-In-One Series
Lenovo C225 (3079) 3079-2AU 3079-3AU

Lenovo C325 All-In-One Series
Lenovo C325 (3095) 3095-8AU 3095-3BU 3095-2AU 3095-3AU 3095-4AU 3095-5AU 3095-6AU 3095-8BU 3095-6BU 3095-2CU

Lenovo Ideapad Series
Lenovo Ideapad Y450 (14.1, Integrated) Series

Y450 2781 4189 4189-34U 4189-32U 4189-35U 4189-36U 4189-38U 4189-39U

Lenovo Ideapad Y460G (14.0, Integrated) Series Y460G 0633

Lenovo Ideapad Y460p (14.0 Integrated)Series
Lenovo Ideapad Y460p 4395-22U 4395-23U 4395-24U 4395-25U 4395-27U 4395-28U 4395-26U 4395-2BU 4395-29U 4395-2CU 4395-2EU 4395-2DU 4395-2FU

Lenovo Ideapad Y510 (15.4" Integrated) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Y530 (15.4" Integrated) Y530 4051 4051-2QU 4051-2RU 4051-62U 4051-2SU 4051-63U 4051-2TU 4051-42U 4051-2WU 4051-2UU 4051-43U 4051-53U 4051-54U 4051-68U 4051-6FU 4051-69U 4051-67U 4051-6AU 4051-6BU 4051-2XU 4051-64U 4051-2AU 4051-2NU 4051-2BU 4051-2PU 4051-2YU 4051-65U 4051-66U 4051-6DU 4051-6GU 4051-6CU 4051-6EU

Lenovo Ideapad Y560d Series Y560d 0646 0646-2KU 0646-2NU 0646-57U

Lenovo Ideapad U460 (14.0) Series U460 0877 0885
Lenovo Ideapad U460 (0877) 0877-23U 0877-2CU 0877-2GU 0877-22U 0877-2AU 0877-2BU 0877-25U 0877-26U 0877-2DU

Lenovo Ideapad U460s (14.0) Series U460s 0885 0885-25U 0885-26U

Lenovo Ideapad S300(Discrete Graphics)
Lenovo Ideapad S300(Integrated Graphics)
Lenovo Ideapad S400(Discrete Graphics)
Lenovo Ideapad S400(Integrated Graphics)
Lenovo Ideapad S405(Discrete Graphics)
Lenovo Ideapad S405(Integrated Graphics)

Lenovo Ideapad Z360 (13.3) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z360 0912 0912-33U 0912-34U 0912-36U 0912-37U 0912-38U 0912-32U 0912-35U

Lenovo Ideapad Z370 (13.3) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z370 102522U, Z370 102523U,Z370 102524U 1025-26U 1025-27U 1025-2EU 1025-2DU 1025-78U 1025-22U 1025-23U 1025-25U 1025-2UU 1025-2VU 1025-AEU 1025-24U

Lenovo Ideapad Z380 (13.3) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z380 2129 2129-38U 2129-32U 2129-33U 2129-34U 2129-39U 2129-35U 2129-3BU 2129-3DU 2129-3HU 2129-3JU

Lenovo Ideapad Z460 (14.0) Series Z460 0913 0913-32U

Lenovo Ideapad Z465 (14.0) Series Z465 4309

Lenovo Ideapad Z470 (14.0) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z470 102245U, Z470 102247U, Z470 102246U 1022-45U 1022-46U 1022-47U 1022-49U 1022-4AU 1022-4BU 1022-4MU 1022-4NU 1022-4QU 1022-4RU 1022-4SU 1022-5LU 1022-5MU 1022-5CU 1022-5EU 1022-5DU 1022-5QU 1022-4LU 1022-59U 1022-5ZU 1022-5BU

Lenovo Ideapad Z480 (14.0) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z480 2148 2148-35U 2148-3FU 2148-3HU 2148-36U 2148-3BU 2148-3EU

Lenovo Ideapad Z560A, Z560G (15.6)Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z560 0914 0914-32U 0914-38U 0914-37U 0914-3NU 0914-3YU 0914-3ZU 0914-4DU 0914-4EU 0914-3AU 0914-3DU 0914-3EU 0914-3JU 0914-3LU 0914-3MU 0914-3PU 0914-43U 0914-46U 0914-39U 0914-33U 0914-3BU 0914-3KU 0914-3HU 0914-48U

Lenovo Ideapad Z565G (15.6, Integrated) Series Z565G 4311

Lenovo Ideapad Z570 (15.6) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z570 1024 1024-32U 1024-33U 1024-3SU 1024-95U 1024-3JU 1024-94U 1024-3WU 1024-96U 1024-9LU 1024-9MU 1024-9QU 1024-9RU 1024-9UU 1024-AMU 1024-DAU 1024-DCU 1024-A3U 1024-ASU 1024-A6U 1024-34U 1024-36U 1024-97U 1024-98U 1024-9GU 1024-9JU 1024-ALU 1024-AVU 1024-DDU 1024-DHU 1024-D9U 1024-DEU 1024-DKU 1024-DJU 1024-DNU 1024-DQU 1024-3ZU 1024-9HU 1024-AKU 1024-AFU

Lenovo Ideapad Z575 (15.6) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z575 1229 1299 1299-22U 1299-25U 1299-27U 1299-2JU 1299-2DU 1299-2KU 1299-32U 1299-33U 1299-34U 1299-36U 1299-37U

Lenovo Ideapad Z580 (15.6) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z580 2151 2157 2151-23U 2151-26U 2151-27U 2151-29U 2151-37U 2151-4AU 2151-4CU 2151-3JU 2151-4EU 2151-4FU 2151-35U 2151-3LU 2151-3FU 2151-4DU 2151-34U

Lenovo Ideapad Z585(15.6" Discrete) Series
Lenovo Ideapad Z585(15.6" integrated) Series

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